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Published: Thursday | December 27, 2012
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Thursday talk
Hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

No short pants

1. Story is the Jamaican might yet escape, as he has agreed to pay a fine to escape wearing short pants.

12 months, no cash

2. Expat signs expensive lease on uptown rental property and moves in without as much as a cent being paid, on the promise that he was waiting on funds from his trust fund to make good. A year to date and the owners are still waiting on the funds from the trust to materialise.

Cheese, wax wrapper too!

3. The hostess at a recent function was more than a little taken aback when guests she thought should have known better started complaining that the hors d'oeuvres being served were tasteless. As it turned out, the joke was on the ones turning up their noses, as they, in their ignorance, were consuming the cheese, wax wrapper and all. Worse was still to come, as some guests were seen stuffing handbags with some of the goodies, on their way out.

Stolen gifts

4. Guests attended a prominent party at an uptown venue. Days after the event, many are perturbed they get no call of acknowledgement from the honoured one for their gifts. They call to enquire and were told they received no such gifts. Following a complaint to the management of the venue, a review of the security footage was done and quite a few guests were seen leaving with gifts intended for the one being honoured.

She didn't shut up!

5. Many say understanding the code words and catchphrases on the party circuit - as well as the fact that most up-towners are related - will keep many out of trouble. Not so for one would-be social climber, often describe as 'The LBG', who was so busy trashing the sister of one of her so-called dear friends, recently. She failed to recognise all the signals being given to her by fellow guests for her to shut up!

It's Tomasina, not Thomas!

6. Son of prominent family leaves his homeland to further his studies in the United States. Despite several attempts to get him to visit during his college days, including fully-paid airline tickets, vehicle at his disposal during his visit, son never returned to visit the family. He was invited back home for the holidays last year, and they all went to the airport to meet and greet the 'prodigal'. Well, they waited and waited and could not see their son. Hours later, after all passengers had deplaned and departed the airport, a hot-looking young miss walked over to the family and reintroduced himself, as 'Tomasina'. Seems like 'Thomas' became 'Tomasina' during the years he was away at college. Needless to say, mom and dad are still processing the information and 'Tomasina' has not been allowed out in public.

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