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Published: Thursday | December 27, 2012
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Stop wasting police resources SSP Lewis
SSP Radcliffe Lewis


I NOTE with concern statements by Senior Superintendent Radcliffe Lewis of plans "to conduct random breathalyzer tests of patrons as they leave places of entertainment". He has also stated that "persons are going to be checked at random. Five, six, seven, eight and 10 cars are going to be stopped one behind the other." My understanding of the law is that it should be used to "test persons whom the police personnel have reasonable cause to believe are driving under the influence of alcohol," Lewis added.

The random testing of persons is a waste of police resources and equipment, and more importantly, a waste of people's time. The police need to start targeting specific individuals in all areas of policing instead of throwing out a big net and hoping that one of the 'catch' will be an offender. It is time the police stop abusing the powers given to them "to serve and protect" the citizens of Jamaica.


Kingston 19

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