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Published: Thursday | December 27, 2012
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Sting: Can we do it differently next time?
Bounty Killer

ARGUABLY THE biggest one-night reggae/dancehall show on the planet, Sting 2012, is now history.

Based on the line-up it is understandable why there was so much hype surrounding this year's event, and to top things off, there was the anticipation of a clash between heavyweight Bounty Killer and new kid on the block Tommy Lee Sparta. There had been some amount of verbal sparring between the two in the print and electronic media and the interviews conducted leading up to yesterday's scheduled show only served to whet the appetite of potential patrons. Bounty Killer, during an interview, dismissed talks of an impending clash, and stated that it would be unfair to pit Goliath against David. Tommy Lee did not seem daunted by the prospect however, and was busy fanning the flames by doing a song about Bounty along with a bit of name-calling here and there.

If this were another place it would be reasonable to conclude that all the hype was just for publicity, and if such a clash did materialise that would be the end of it. This is Jamaica, however. While such a lyrical clash can only make for a more exciting event, we all know it will not rest there. Based on past trends it could become physical, and the fans of both camps could likely get in on the act as well. Hopefully sufficient security measures were in place and good sense prevailed among patrons attending yesterday's show.

Can we imagine though, how much of an impact these two artistes could have on Jamaica if they united around a few causes negatively impacting the country and advocated for changes? It may be too late in the day to hope for such a scenario, but perhaps going forward we will see a different approach by all stakeholders of future Stings.

Robert Mitchell

Christiana, Manchester

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