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Published: Monday | December 24, 2012
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December dream nuptials
Weddings in the month of December have definitely grown in popularity, allowing many newly-weds to share their first Christmas as husband and wife in the happy season. Getting hitched recently, Sheldon and Patricia Bryan are such a couple.

Nature welcomed the couple with open arms during their garden-military to-do at Hope Gardens on December 2, 2012.

The evening sun grinned on the St Andrew oasis, while the military officer awaited his princess' chariot.

She kept him waiting just long enough and made a grand entrance when a full sword party of military officers, dressed in red, escorted her pumpkin shaped chariot to the beginning of the aisle.

The bride emerged in a white gown with gold details crafted by Karl Williams of Uzuri, beaming with the beauty of an expecting mother.

The two exchanged their vows before Major Reverend Denston Smalling and danced down the aisle through an arch of swords above their heads.

The celebration was executed by wedding planner Lorraine Ross-Clunie and the cake made by Tessa Lafayette of Café Sweet.

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