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Published: Sunday | December 23, 2012
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My best Christmas gift
Keneea Linton-George - CEO of KTL Group, Fashion Designer and Television Host and Producer
Some of the best memories are made during the festive season. At this time of year, much is anticipated, as the season normally brings cheer, laughter, food, good company and, most important, gifts.

For many, there is no real celebration if gifts are not in the equation. And what makes it even more special is if the gifts are just what was desired, or better yet, surprisingly great.

We asked some some well-known personalities to share what their favourite Christmas gift to date has been.


It would probably be when I was about eight and I really wanted a Nintendo 64, and I got it for Christmas. It was great because I had wanted it for so long and it also came in one of those big boxes, which just makes it more exciting for a child.

I bought myself a car three years ago, and that has been my best Christmas gift so far.

I would have to say a Louis Vuitton handbag!

The best gift I received I would say was when I first started my business in 2008. It is perhaps like a Christmas into New Year's gift though, because after starting my business, I got my first sewing machine and first customer in January.

I would have to say a gift from my boyfriend back in 2005 when we celebrated our first Christmas. It was a white gold chain with a diamond pendant and a diamond bracelet.

Having everyone at home at the same time is the best Christmas gift. This is the time when we all get together, and it really is a good feeling when you wake up Christmas morning with your family under the same roof.

It was last Christmas when my husband and I got Bertie, our Yorkshire terrier. He is the best Christmas present ever!

It is difficult to say because I have had some really good ones. But the one that would probably stand out is a trip to Niagara Falls. This was back in '07, and it was really good because we got to plan the trip in advance, which we took up in the summer. It was really nice because I love to travel, and sharing it with someone special is a nice additive.

My first Christmas back in Jamaica after my first semester at university in England. I was very happy to see my family and to enjoy the weather.

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