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Published: Sunday | December 23, 2012
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'You better watch out' - Shifty sellers with big deals concern consumer protection agencies
Some unscrupulous merchants are luring shoppers into their entities promising deals they have no plan of delivering. But the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) are keeping a close watch on entities and are prepared to take action against them.

Shocking $41m 'sound' bill - Golden Jubilee spend raises new questions
Yet to extinguish the fire surrounding the $60 million spend to purchase sport utility vehicles for its ministers, the Portia Simpson Miller-led Government is flung into a new controversy concerning stewardship of the public purse.

In search of a safer life - Jamaican homosexuals in the US missing home but not planning to return anytime soon
Packing up your life in a suitcase and travelling 581 miles to start all over again were options Larry Chang, Dadland Maye and Nicholas Thompson never considered while growing up.

Fostering foolishness? Government employees barred from adding foster-children to state-funded health scheme
Persons employed by the Government who take children into their homes under a foster-care arrangement are barred from adding these children to the Government's health insurance scheme.

Abject failures - Critics say PNP and JLP wasted 2012
An abysmal failure is how some prominent political observers have rated the performance of the Government and the Opposition in 2012.

Hip, hip hooray - US-based Jamaican doctor comes to the assistance of persons needing new hips
For the last 10 years, Joan Russell has lived with the bones in her hips degenerating. Her ability to walk become more excruciating as her life was destabilised by osteoarthritis.

THE NEXT 50 YEARS - Improving our education system a must
THE TASK FORCE Report on Education (2004) provided a detailed situational analysis of the Jamaican education system. Among the findings, the report concluded that a significant number of primary-aged students had not acquired the minimum acceptable literacy and numeracy competencies.

THE NEXT 50 YEARS: Guilty - Jamaica's courts need a makeover
A DISCUSSION on court infrastructure over the last 50 years is inextricably linked with Jamaica's colonial history and eventual transition to a sovereign state. This is because the transition from colonialism to Independence was anchored within a need to establish indigenous rule-of-law institutions, and court infrastructure is partly symbolic of these institutions.

JPS denies double billing KSAC
The Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) has been paying the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) $696 million for street lights each year and seems set to continue doing so until 2014, despite the introduction of energy-saving bulbs in some street lamps.

PCJ shake-up looms - Almost 40 persons to go
Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell is now mulling over a proposal to streamline the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) Group which could result in almost 40 persons being sent home early in the new year.

The joy of giving
What keeps Jamaica alive is Christianity; our people have a giving nature. The 73 years of my life have been giving and receiving only to give again. The joy of giving has blessed us materially and, especially, spiritually, as Jamaicans.

'On the right track' says Ellington
Police Commissioner Owen Ellington last Friday released his annual Christmas message to the men and women under his command in the weekly Force Orders. Excerpts from the message are reproduced below.

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