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Published: Sunday | December 23, 2012
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No deals yet for Digicel New Kgn properties - Issa blames delayed IMF agreement
Realtor Andrew Issa, the head of Coldwell Banker Jamaica, has reported limited success in his efforts to sell off two properties owned by Digicel in New Kingston, despite, he said, clear interest from investors.

Pick 4 winnings hit J$1.4 billion in payouts
Almost a year on the market, Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) says its newest game, Pick 4, has paid out winnings of J$1.4 billion to the end of November in a sign of its growing popularity.

Swiss Stores ramps up food investment
For two years, Swiss Stores has been serving up luxury jewellery with a side order of food, and has apparently found it to be a winning combination.

Another agreement with Europe
Few people in the Caribbean are likely to have ever heard of the Joint Caribbean EU Partnership Strategy. Agreed on November 19, it establishes a new political framework for all future cooperation between Europe and the entire Caribbean region.

Is debt good or bad?
Debt used wisely and moderately can boost your standard of living significantly. On the other hand, debt used carelessly or too much can be a major obstacle to wealth creation, a good retirement, financial health and emotional peace.

How to use weak ties to form a strong network
As we prepare for 2013 and its promises of economic challenges, we'll be much better equipped to navigate its landscape if we have 'weak ties'..

Building on a decade of inclusion
Next year marks a decade since Latin America and the Caribbean took a dramatic turn for the better. After decades of stagnation, the region began a speedy economic and social transformation in 2003 that lifted 73 million out of poverty and grew the ranks of the middle class by more than 50 per cent or 50 million people.

Digicel, Marriott break ground on Haiti hotel
Construction crews on Wednesday began to build what is touted as Haiti's first four-star branded hotel, a US$45 million project expected to help boost the country's economy.

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