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Published: Sunday | December 23, 2012
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Best rides forward - Hyundai, Kia rev up brands with showroom strategies
Two new car brands which entered the Jamaican market after other brands were well established have been putting their best rides forward in showroom - strategies which seem to be paying strong dividends.

Audi confident in new models
Audi is on track to achieve its target of selling 1.4 million vehicles worldwide and Jamaica is a key part of that global picture.

Top regional awards to Sirgany, Rae
Two of Jamaica's top motorsports performers for this year, 12-year-old Joshua Sirgany and circuit racer Sebastien Rae, are among several regional champions who have been selected for special awards by the Federation of International Automobile (FIA) affiliate, FIA Americas Award.

Standing on three pillars - Audi pushes sporty feel
Performance, luxury and use are the three design pillars on which Audi has built its success, testing technological advances on the race track before incorporating them in its street-car production range. What this means is that what Audi offers as a regular vehicle will, in fact, have many practical elements of a sport design.

'Fat Head' survives head wound
This is the last of four stories in which taxi drivers relate their brushes with death, after they were attacked by criminals while on the job.

Black box: the unseen, all-seeing passenger
Many motorists do not know it, but it is likely that every time they get behind the wheel there's a snitch along for the ride. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently proposed long-delayed regulations requiring auto manufacturers to include event data recorders - better known as 'black boxes' - in all new cars and light trucks beginning September 1, 2014.

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