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Published: Tuesday | December 18, 2012
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Cut the red tape on land transfers
THE EDITOR, Sir:The Administrator General's Department and the National Land Agency (NLA) definitely need to eliminate the bureaucracy in the transfer and titling of lands passed on to family members, or sold to new owners.

No easy fix for teacher substitution
THE EDITOR, Sir:The absence of classroom teachers, leaving students unsupervised and using volunteers from parent groups in certain schools to act as substitute teachers is unacceptable.

Storm in a teacup, Mr Thwaites
THE EDITOR, Sir:I have seen where the goodly minister of education, Mr Ronald Thwaites, is going to seek parliamentary intervention to stop the recruitment of high-school athletes by 'brand-name' high schools.

Parents must get more involved in kids' schooling
THE EDITOR, Sir:I have come to the realisation that a large number of our parents are all too happy to see the backs of their children as they leave their homes daily.

Hypocrisy on mass killings
THE EDITOR, Sir:While the recent killings in Newtown, Connecticut, are horrific, I am amazed at the profound level of shock and bewilderment from people around the globe.

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