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Published: Thursday | December 13, 2012
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Sexual tolerance, not a different society
ALL THE persons who support the homosexual agenda should be fully aware that it is not just tolerance you are supporting, but the establishment of a different society.

Lest we forget
THE EDITOR, Sir:IF JAMAICANS are afraid of the repealing of the buggery law, then they should be very afraid.

Let's take back our country
THE EDITOR, Sir:OVER THE past 50 years, Jamaica has suffered from severe institutional failure.

Don't horse about, Mr Editor
THE EDITOR, Sir:WHILE I appreciate you publishing my letter you titled 'Don't ass about with gay lobby', it is journalistically irresponsible, if not libellous, to alter my letter to give a certain slant or impression not intended.

Banned from breeding
THE EDITOR, Sir:I RECENTLY read a report of a judge in Wisconsin, USA ordering a deadbeat dad not to have children as part of his probation.

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