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Published: Wednesday | December 12, 2012
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Increase staff to speed up drafting of legislation
While due care must be taken to ensure proper laws are passed, it takes way too long, in many instances, for laws to be made in Jamaica. Recall just how long it took, approximately 20 years, for our Constitution to be amended to provide for a modern Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

Sovereign Centre: teenage 'Romping Shop'
Going to the movies on a Saturday evening has always been a favourite pastime for many, children and adults alike. Although there has been a steady increase in movie prices, it still remains a relatively economical entertainment alternative.

End the hypocrisy on homosexuality
The Gleaner cannot speak to the breaking of Jamaica's laws while encouraging homosexuality in our country, even when 84 per cent of us stand firm against meddling in faecal matter.

US income-tax system a good model to follow
In the United States, the government has a creditable income-tax system in place. This system benefits those employed, as well as employers. The government gives assistance to many small-business owners, as well as big corporations. Each business owner has a duty to pay income taxes at the end of the year. These taxes are based on their profits for the year.

Put key issues on front burner
I make reference to Mr Colin Wheeler's letter 'The forgotten Kern case' (Gleaner, December 3, 2012). What a brilliant, poignant letter which highlighted four topical issues affecting Jamaica today!

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