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Published: Tuesday | December 11, 2012
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Change the culture of inefficiency and dishonesty!
THE EDITOR, Sir:Robust economic growth continues to elude us, precipitating an overwhelming debt burden and a weakening dollar, in spite of those International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreements we have signed within the last 40 years.

Pastors must put Bible into action
THE EDITOR, Sir:I extend congratulations to Pastor Bruce Fletcher and to The Gleaner for the Letter of the Day in the Friday, December 7, 2012 edition captioned 'Jamaica's prodigal crossroads'.

Extend school year, don't build
THE EDITOR, Sir:I think all high schools in Jamaica should be operated on a shift system, and an extended academic year should be implemented in these institutions.

Don't ass about with gay lobby
THE EDITOR, Sir:I stand in solidarity with all those who are in opposition to the gay lifestyle in Jamaica. The editor and 'ass. editor' of The Gleaner seem to be actively engaging in gay-rights lobbying of late.

Put buggery, rape on same footing
THE EDITOR, Sir: I have read with interest the lead story in The Gleaner ('Shun gay lifestyle', Monday, December 10, 2012) about the recent speech by a South African pastor/lawyer about homosexuality, as well as Justice Minister Mark Golding's careful comments on the possible repeal of the buggery law.

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