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Published: Tuesday | December 11, 2012
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EDITORIAL - Set up regional councils, instead
In the event you didn't work out what it was, that booming sound at the weekend was the chest-thumping, captured by this newspaper, of the five parish council chairmen in the county of Cornwall.

The 2012 Domino Awards (international division)- Dunce sweep for Mitt the Twit
It's time for the fourth annual Domino Awards.

A tragic case of ignorance
I would be grateful if you would publish this open letter to Ms Shirley Richards:I write with reference to your column published in the December 9 edition of The Sunday Gleaner under the caption 'Wrestling with rights'.As a member of the religiously...

Dead, dead, dead: the Mideast 'peace process'
It's as if the world's leaders were earnestly warning us that global warming will cause the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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