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Published: Monday | December 10, 2012
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'Be-dazzled' - Go get the glow
In bold sequinned dresses, you definitely need not worry about being overlooked. They will do the talking all night. With less shine and sparkle, the gold purse makes the perfect matching accessory.
Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

Glitz and glam dominate this Christmas as sequins have once again taken the lead in the fashion trends for the festive season.

Sequins were originally used to adorn the clothes of royalty, and were scarcely worn by ordinary folk. But, across fashion's landscape, that has changed. So now we can step out in style, shining and sparkling for the festive season.

Similar to the bright lights adorning houses and trees in celebration of the joyous season, the displays and racks in stores are bedazzled by the wide variety of sequinned fashion which is reeling in buyers.

Spanning decades of fashion cycles, sequins are arguably one of the most popular embellishments used by designers and have continued to secure a special place in the hearts of women who love the glow and eye-catching appeal of this adornment.

This trend has also transcended generations and has passed through many households giving credence to the fashion-cycle theory. So don't be alarmed if your great-grandmother tells you that she was a huge hit back in her day when she wore sequins! And like all other fashion picks, there are variations - from the most conservative to the extravagant taste.

And if you just can't get enough of the sequin buzz or dare not to be overindulgent, the trend has crossed over into accessories to include shoes, hair and jewellery accents. From these you can choose your perfect enhancers to jazz up a relatively ordinary look.

Ranging in styles, the mini disc-like embellishments come in varying colours, sizes and types. Regardless, sequins have one commonality. They sparkle.


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