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Published: Monday | December 10, 2012
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EDITORIAL - Lack of will to do the job
If we were cynical, we would claim that the hyperventilating in Parliament last week over the Public Sector Transformation Unit's (PSTU) report that the Government spends more than a billion dollars a year on rent was contrived.

Unnu kyan reed Patwa?
For well over 20 years, I have been genuinely trying to understand the persistent and concerted push, especially from certain academia, for the standardisation and elevation of our native dialect.

Security guards and the God complex
Well, he had a clipboard and wore his glasses low on his nose, so he definitely meant business. The trouble is, nobody seemed to care. He was a pot-bellied security guard working at a Liguanea shopping mall's parking lot and he was in the middle of a verbal tussle with the driver of a red Corolla.

Britain's sullen economic mood
While Washington's game of chicken continues, with the president and congressional Republicans daring one another to drive over the fiscal cliff, Britain is settling in for another winter of discontent. As the temperature drops in London and frost gathers on the panes, the chancellor of the exchequer issued his Autumn Statement to Parliament.

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