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Published: Saturday | December 8, 2012
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Doctor's Advice - Could petting make me pregnant?
I have an issue that is making me very stressed, Doc. My boyfriend and I were petting last week, and now I'm afraid that I am pregnant. We didn't acutally have sex, but I gave him a hand job, and now I fear that some of the sperm got on or into my vagina.

Let's Talk Life - Will divorce affect my children?
I am divorcing my husband and I am worried about the effects on my children who are nine and 12 years old.

Jericho Police Youth Club celebrates one-year anniversary
KENNETH JOHNSON is only 12 years old, but he has already decided that he wants to contribute to the development of his community, Jericho, on the outskirts of Linstead, St Catherine. That is why last November when the Jericho Police Youth Club was re-established, he became an active member.

Excellence rewarded - Garden parish pair cop GG Awards
ST ANN residents Yanique Lowe and Leopold Williams received national recognition recently for attaining excellence in their respective fields and were duly honoured by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen at the recent awards ceremony at King's House.

Miss Liddy scores majestic century
Except for occasional pain in her joints, Lydia Cunningham-Townsend of Water Works, Westmoreland, who takes on several daily activities - including cooking, sweeping, making her bed, and even bathing herself - belies the fact she has just passed her 100th birthday.

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