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Published: Saturday | December 8, 2012
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Pothole-riddled Mona streets caught in circle of corruption
Massive potholes in Mona have been filled with marl, only for rains to wash it away. - Contributed by M. Wong

Some weeks ago, a miracle happened in Mona. Workers started to fix the potholes. But, alas, this was but a dream, as the work done was all in vain. These potholes were neatly cut and filled with marl, with the hope that asphalt would have been placed on these shortly thereafter.

Several more weeks have passed, and with recent rains, the marl has been washed out. What has been left behind are even more larger potholes.

What a waste of precious taxpayers' funds!

Who will be paying the contractor to fix the potholes more than once? Of course, we the taxpayers! Who else?

Who profits from this? The contractors who will tender their bills for fixing the same potholes over and over again.

When will this never-ending circle of corruption end?

M. Wong

Mona, St Andrew

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