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Published: Saturday | December 8, 2012
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EDITORIAL - Who is hiring?
Nearly 1,200 youth from northeastern Jamaica recently graduated from the HEART Trust national programme. Photos in this newspaper showed the eager faces of young men and women basking in the glow of their achievement.

What in the world?
We have only one world but many different perspectives on it. In 1999, James Bond said emphatically, "The world is not enough." Now, according to climate experts and Bond freaks, Skyfall is already here and may have arrived through the hole in the ozone layer.

$1 billion in rent unacceptable
In light of The Gleaner's recent cover story titled 'Heavy rent burden: More than $1b being spent to house Gov't at private premises', it is about time that we take stock of all government-owned buildings, derelict, yet repair worthy, which can be overhauled to house government ministries and departments.

Be kind to yourself this Christmas
Christmas Day is fast approaching, and the usual hustle and bustle is well under way. But with all this feverish activity, there is always a price to pay. It is the price that can play havoc on your physical and mental well-being. And it all comes down to one distressful word: stress.

Press freedom: Lord Leveson's report
Recently, Lord Leveson, who was charged by the prime minister of the United Kingdom to prepare a report on press freedom, submitted a paper that is causing some controversy and which will more than likely affect the free Commonwealth nations and their media policy.

Fix this/Good job!
This stop light, located at the intersection of Charles and Hanover streets in Kingston, is partly blocked to motorists and could cause a serious accident. Will the relevant authority intervene and remove the pole blocking motorists' vision?

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