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Published: Wednesday | December 5, 2012
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Children in crisis
We have been having a lot of discussion about our children in crisis. Here are two fictitious cases to highlight the complex problems these children face and their complex behavioural and mental health.

Eating when dengue fever strikes
Dengue fever is spread by an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito. The symptoms of dengue fever include a sudden high fever of 40-40.56 Celsius (104-105 Fahrenheit); headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, rash, joint and muscle pain.

Don't treat your kidneys like Cinderella
I can remember one of my early biology lessons in high school being on the characteristics of living things...

Poor circulation: the cause of many health problems!
Many of our health problems are caused by poor circulation. Kidney damage, erectile dysfunction, visual impairment from diabetes, heart attack and stroke are few of the problems we can encounter if our circulation is compromised.

Discrimination in health services can be fatal
In the fifth paper of The Lancet, - an online publication series, published on July 20 of this year, 2011 results show that the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Jamaica is 31 per cent and constitutes 1.7 per cent of the...

Letter - Polluted air is choking the city
Dear Eulalee, Congratulations on on your article. I totally agree with the contents....

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