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Published: Thursday | November 29, 2012
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ANGUILLA - Gov't casts 2013 budget, says no new taxes coming


Anguilla's Chief minister and minister of finance, Hubert Hughes, yesterday presented a budget of EC$193.1 million in the House of Assembly for the operation of the government in 2013.

Hughes, whose Anguilla United Movement (AUM) government came into office in February 2010, said the budget represents an increase of EC$3.5 million over the estimate budgeted in 2012.

He said the marginal increase is based mainly on the broadening of the tax base of existing taxes to be implemented during the budget year.

Hughes added that he was conscious of the repercussions of increasing taxes in a stagnant economy.

"That is why we continue to resist the demands by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for us to introduce new taxes in 2013. We find that to be counterproductive and will not serve in the best interests of the people of Anguilla," said Hughes.

The government leader said broadening the tax base will result in the generation of more revenue and development for the people of Anguilla. He said the government intends to conduct a general property valuation in 2013 and the new valuations will take effect during the budget year.

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