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Published: Wednesday | November 28, 2012
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We are one blood, so stop the bloodletting
IN JUNIOR Reid's song of the 1980s, he reminds us that we are one blood.

So, "yuh coulda come from Rema

Or yuh come from Jungle

Coulda come from Fiyah house

Or yuh come from Tower Hill

One blood, one blood, one blood ... "

Whether our blood type is A, B, AB or O, according to Reid, we are still one blood - Adam's red bloodline. The white man's blood is not white. Nor is the black man's black. Skin colour makes no difference; nor should our achievements, accolades, fame, money, power and other trivial temporary possessions.

We are much smarter than allowing these to block our vision from our oneness of blood, whether we come from Rema or Pennsylvania. This song insinuates that because we are one blood, we should all live as one family, ensuring that there's no bloodshed.

People all over the world will maim and kill predators in defence of their blood relatives. This one-blood mentality also propels us to go beyond the call of duty to ensure that our relatives are fine. A simple case in point is my friend who goes overseas on a regular basis to see her two-year-old granddaughter who has been facing a medical challenge since birth.

Despite the financial implications of this venture, etc., there's no let-up. Her desire is the child's wellness. Let's pray for them.

mental adjustment

This grandmother is not unique. When blood relatives are sick, everyone is affected. Some relatives are even more stressed than the one who is not well. And I interject here that if your desire is to hurt someone else, watch it - your blood could be contaminated and needs to be purified.

Here's the question: will we ever accept that we are one blood, seeing each other the way we see blood relatives? I believe it is possible. With the help of the Almighty, we can open our minds and make that critical mental adjustment.

And another question: have you ever seen the reaction of relatives who are discovering one another for the first time? Sometimes these are people who might have known one another for a long time, not realising that they were first cousins, uncles, aunts, etc. When the truth is revealed, their relationship takes on a new dimension.

Similarly, the day it dawns on us that we are all one blood, it will take us to another level. We will begin to see each other in a different light and treat one another accordingly. Trust that the reason for loving neighbour as self is a little clearer - 'thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself'.

Now that we have discovered that we are one blood, let's stop the bloodletting! And how about helping a 'relative' from the list below?

Thanks for helping

Mertella, St Elizabeth, for offering clothing.

Loraine, St Elizabeth, for financial donation.

Althea, St Mary, for offering clothing.

Neighbour, for offering bed to a needy neighbour.

Neighbour, for offering serger and clothing to a needy neighbour.

Kaycia, Westmoreland, for offering to assist Sister Gilbert, St Catherine, with purchase of items for a little buying and selling business.

Karsh, for offering shoes and clothing for girls.

Great opportunities to help

Young neighbour, asking for assisting with medical expenses - serious hormone problem.

Neighbour, newly converted - needs size-16 dresses and size-nine shoes for church.

St James, mother of seven needs a mattress.

Marie, St James, needs food for four small children.

Neighbour, children's father killed. Needs a sewing machine to help generate an income.

Carmen, St Catherine, husband got a stroke and needs a bed - sleeps on worn-out sponge.

Brother Barrett, Manchester, asking neighbours for help to purchase medication for hypertension and diabetes.

Tashana, St Catherine, got burnt out and in need of a bed.

Neighbour, disabled, needs a serger to help make a living.

To help, please call 334-8165, 884-3866, 299-3412 or deposit to acct # 351 044 276 NCB. (Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX) or send donations to Hello Neighbour, c/o 53 Half-Way Tree Road, Kingston 10; email helloneighbour@yahoo.com.

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