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Published: Wednesday | November 28, 2012
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Leasing company could solve Gov't vehicle issue

The answer to all the furore over SUVs for some government ministers is quite simple: find a leasing company that will provide and service all government vehicles, including police and JUTC buses.

I know of a company that uses a lot more vehicles than the total of Government of Jamaica; however, that company doesn't own a wheel nut. It has a very simple rule: you drive what you are given in the executive range, lower management in that range, etc. Anyone who thinks that he or she is too big to drive a vehicle that is not commensurate with the job status can use his/her own vehicle with a mileage expense, or hand in their resignation.

When a vehicle reaches the end of its useful life (determined by the leasing company), it is withdrawn and put on the public market.

The problem here is: 1) to find such a leasing company, but I am sure that one could be formed if the returns are good enough; 2) if the big egos of Gordon House will ever agree.

I know the International Monetary Fund would agree when it sees that the Government would no longer have to find cash up front to pay for new vehicles.



St Elizabeth

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