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Published: Wednesday | November 28, 2012
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Train farmers in chemical safety
THE EDITOR, Sir: I was so taken back to read, in The Gleaner of September 12, 2012, of the sad loss of two farmers through alleged chemical poisoning...

Straight talk!
THE EDITOR, Sir:Congratulations to Gordon Robinson on his article 'Lord, deliver us' (Gleaner, November 27, 2012).

Leasing company could solve Gov't vehicle issue
THE EDITOR, Sir: The answer to all the furore over SUVs for some government ministers is quite simple: find a leasing company that will provide and service all government vehicles, including police and JUTC buses...

'Farming' the fool
THE EDITOR, Sir: Chistopher Serju's article 'Corn talk hasn't a kernel of sense' (Sunday Gleaner, November 25, 2012) hit the nail on the head...

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