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Published: Tuesday | November 27, 2012
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Violence against women climbs despite group advocacy
Opposition spokesman Olivia Grange and Information Minister Sandrea Falconer, both in dark glasses, lead a protest against violence against women and children in September.
Nadisha Hunter, Staff Reporter

Despite many efforts by various women's groups in society to speak out against violence affecting females, the number of cases of the incident continues to spiral in society.

Statistics from the Jamaica Constabulary Force for the period January 1 to November 24 indicated that 122 females, including eight girls, have been murdered since the start of the year, compared to 105 last year at which time six girls were among the group.

That is not going down easy with at least one group which has been actively lobbying the cause for justice for the perpetrators committing the acts.

Executive director of Women's Resource and Outreach Centre, Dorothy Whyte, described the issue as "distressing" and said it is an issue of concern which needs attention.

"The statistics show that we are not understanding the importance of our women and their human rights. There were times when women and children were almost untouchable but it shows how heartless we have gone," she lamented.

"It is bad, it is mind-boggling, it is distressing," Whyte added.

attention to parenting

She said more attention should be placed on parenting which is at the root of the problem in society.

"We have to socialise our young men differently; that is a serious part of the problem. We also think that we have to have more jobs for the women because sometimes they get into some dangerous arrangements because they don't have any jobs, and anything can happen to them so they become victims," she said.

The latest group to march against violence against women was a group under the umbrella of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

Their aim was to send a strong message to women that they no longer need to live in fear, and to men committing acts of violence against them, that justice will be swift and sure.

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