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Published: Tuesday | November 27, 2012
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All they want for Christmas ... Wards at Walker's Place of Safety share their wish lists
Stephanie McKenzie-Hinds, supervisor at the Walker's Place of Safety, gives a hug to children at the home during a visit yesterday. - Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer
More than anything, the children of the Walker's Place of Safety in St Andrew want to go home to spend Christmas with their families.

Sitting on the veranda of the children's home yesterday, some played with their toys while others were busy doing homework as they shared with The Gleaner their Christmas wish.

"I want anything that can help me with schoolwork, especially maths. And I would surely like toys," declared bright and sprightly eight-year-old John.

Taking a break from his homework, the boy was quite prime in informing that he wasn't so good with mathematics, hence why he needed the help.

"I really want the help with my schoolwork because if I do well, it will help with my career later in life to become a pilot," he stated with confidence and pride.

But soon a solemn demeanour overshadowed his bright countenance when he added, "I really want to go home to my family".

The only thing 10-year-old Brianwanted for Christmas was "to go home and be with my mother and father" nothing more.

Proudly announcing that her birthday was December 4, nine-year-old Sherylwas all smiles when she made it clear that her Christmas wish was for a bicycle, "but I won't be here for Christmas. I'm going home."

With a cute, dimpled smile, 13-year-old Debbiewanted a laptop more than anything, "because it will really help me with my homework for school".

"And I will be home with my family," she truly hoped.

Quite shy and not wanting to share her Christmas wish, nine-year-old Monicafinally revealed that outside of being with her family for the holidays, she would really love a "PSP to play games".

long list

With a Christmas wish list much longer than everyone else's, 10-year-old Markwanted "a black remote-controlled car, football, Generation X robot, Ben 10 Alien Force, battle gun roller, reading book, writing book" - after a long sigh to catch his breath - "and I want to go home".

Smiling as she listened to her charges reveal their Christmas wishes, supervisor of the home, Stephanie McKenzie-Hinds, was hoping their wishes would all come true.

She said each Christmas a Good Samaritan would host a treat for the approximately 30 children, which the children looked forward to. She was hoping that this year would be no different.

As for the needs of the home, she noted, "We need an industrial wiping pan, kitchen appliances, a blackboard and material to make uniforms and clothes for the children."

The children have been placed in state care for a number of reasons, including abuse, incest, abandonment, and being in need of care and protection.

The Walker's Place of Safety, which has been taking care of children in need since 1971, has responsibility for boys and girls ages two to 12 years, with a few girls up to age 24 recently placed there.

Names changed to protect identity.


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