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Published: Sunday | November 25, 2012
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Melodrama at the ministry - Police called in as junior minister and communications officer clash over secret recordings
Police and attorneys have been called in to handle raging hostilities between a junior minister and a communications officer that could grind a critical sector to a halt.

Police kill five
Five men were fatally shot and a policeman shot and injured in incidents in New Town, St Elizabeth, and Red Hills Road, St Andrew over the past 24 hours.

Another gas leak probe
The management of IGL Limited has moved to allay fears that members of the public are at risk due to a liquid ammonia spill which took place at its Ferry Plant in St Catherine about 7:15 p.m. last Friday.

Millions needed to pump water uphill - NWC foots heavy bill to subsidise the cost of getting potable water to Mandeville
Faced with a multimillion-dollar bill to deliver potable water to residents of Mandeville and its environs, the National Water Commission (NWC) has told developers of new housing projects that they must implement special measures to deal with the issue.

'A travesty of justice'- Catholic priest blasts State over death of teenager in adult prison
Obviously incensed by the death of a teenager in an adult penal institution last week, founder and executive director of the Mustard Seed Communities, Father Gregory Ramkissoon, has issued a broadside against the Government and questioned its priorities.

Cellphone users beware! Digicel tells customers to be on the lookout for swindlers offering prizes
Mobile phone giant Digicel is warning its customers to beware of scammers who are targeting cellphone users in an attempt to fleece them of thousands of dollars.

'We will hold the Gov't accountable' - President-elect of PNP Youth Organisation vows to demand performance from parent party
ALRIC CAMPBELL, the president-elect of the the People's National Party Youth Organisation (PNP YO), says he intends to be the one to lead the rebuilding of the once-vibrant group.

Learning for Life gets 100% placement
Local liquor giant Red Stripe is reporting that all the students trained under the Project Bartender segment of its Learning for Life programme have been placed in internship positions.

Education key for 21st century
A number of education experts and decision-makers from across the globe recently gathered to zero in on challenges facing the education sector and to discuss ways to improve the system.

Judges slam all powerful president
Egypt's highest body of judges yesterday slammed a recent decision by the president to grant himself near-absolute power, calling the move an "unprecedented assault" on the judiciary.

More diverse group to choose next pope
Six new cardinals yesterday joined the elite club of red-robed churchmen who will elect the next pope, bringing a more geographically diverse mix into the European-dominated College of Cardinals.

Schools reopen as ceasefire holds
Gaza residents said yesterday that Israel has eased some border restrictions as part of its truce with the Palestinian territory's Hamas rulers, allowing farmers to visit land near its security fence and letting fishermen head further out to sea.

Larry 'JR Ewing' Hagman of 'Dallas' fame is dead
AJR Ewing was a business cheat, faithless husband and bottomless well of corruption. Yet, with his sparkling grin, Larry Hagman masterfully created the charmingly loathsome oil baron - and coaxed forth a Texas-size gusher of ratings - on television's long-running and hugely successful night-time soap, Dallas.

Covering Kingston
For 24 hours yesterday, photography enthusiasts blanketed Kingston, capturing the images that will be published in early December.

Many fail to support ageing relatives
Adult children who abandon ageing parents could face criminal sanctions if prosecuted for this action.

Seven killed, 30 wounded in bombing
ISLAMABAD (AP): A roadside bomb killed at least seven people and wounded 30 others at a Shi'ite Muslim procession in northwestern Pakistan yesterday, police said, as minority Shi'ites prepared to observe the holy day of Ashoura.

Reduce corruption, spur growth
I agree 100 per cent with the assessment of endemic corruption in Jamaica today as set out in Jamaica's National Security Policy, available online on the Ministry of National Security's website: "... corruption in its various forms is a serious threat to the social order and the rule of law ... inhibits the ability of the State to effectively discharge its responsibilities and obligations ... political institutions and freedoms can also be affected by corruption ... through the corruption of public officials ... . through rewards but may also be coerced through direct threats.

A cry for justice
A huge backlog of criminal and civil cases in the nation's courts has reduced the justice system to almost crisis level.

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