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Published: Sunday | November 25, 2012
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Our Government has AIDS - Failure to implement, execute is symptom of disease
Were St Paul of Tarsus alive today and giving advice to Jamaicans at this point in our history, I suggest he would have modified his famous letter to the Corinthians to read: "If I articulate my plans in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not execute, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal..."

Has everyone turned off the lights on growth?
Dr Gladstone Hutchinson, director general of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), will be heading back to the United States within a couple of months of delivering his last no-growth quarterly report and releasing in print A Growth-Inducement Strategy for Jamaica in the Short and Medium Term.

Andrew's new-look JLP
Andrew Holness delivered what the base wanted last Sunday at his annual party conference: toughness, testosterone and tendentiousness. He was resolute, resounding and resilient in the face of fears that the perennial factiousness of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) was to make its abode in the party yet again.

Shield civil service from political pollution
In the early days after Independence, there was a firm belief in the high quality of civil servants. This resulted from more than a decade of training of civil servants aimed at creating an accomplished team to take over the administration of the country.

It's the Church that needs salvation
I continue to have a deep, abiding faith in God and personal reliance on Christ's Word.However, I've lost all respect for, and trust in, the Church, a man-made organisation whose sole purpose is mind control using fear based on centuries-old random collections of articles by a motley crew of authors, some anonymous, in a book called The Old Testament.

The Warminster was right
There is only one way to spell right, but many different ways to spell it and be wrong. A minor distraction from the real imperatives of a struggling nation came over the past week, when the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) found itself in a pickle after the intractable member of parliament for South West St Catherine, Everald Warmington, stirred up an ants' nest.

As OUR quibbles, power monster nibbles
I am indeed grateful to the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) for taking the trouble to respond to the suggestion made by my article in The Sunday Gleaner ('Jamaica's energy conundrum', November 4, 2012) that the OUR has been less than diligent in approving that the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) build a 360MW plant for electricity generation. I note, by contrast, that the JPS itself has not found it necessary to respond.

Jamaican athletics - beyond the elections
Track and field is currently the jewel in Jamaica's sport crown. That is why the upcoming Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association's (JAAA) elections, which will take place on November 29, are of such importance.

Lance Armstrong and our high schools
Lance Armstrong won seven consecutive Tour de France cycling titles - a most remarkable feat for which he was lauded and compensated. However, recently he was stripped of all his titles for taking performance-enhancing drugs.

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