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Published: Sunday | November 25, 2012
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'Why we are poor'
Jamaica is poor because successive administrations outdo the other in redistributing ever dwindling state resources, economist Dr Damien King charged in a public lecture on Thursday. The politics of handouts, or pandering as King called it, will only make Jamaicans poorer, he said.

GraceKennedy responsible for half of Jamaica's remittances, says Wehby
GraceKennedy's chief executive officer Don Wehby revealed that half of Jamaica's remittances or some US$1.1 billion passes through the conglomerate's network annually but it wants to retain more.

Risks, rewards of unit trusts
Please explain unit trusts, how they operate and the risks and rewards of such investments.

The worst example of ignorance and incompetence
I bought a car in March of this year. It was insured through a broker. A cash deposit was paid in order to obtain a cover note; a receipt was issued. The balance of the premium was paid almost one month later, also in cash. I got another receipt. The two payments amounted to $99,198.99. A few months later when I asked about the certificate of insurance, I learnt that the person who collected the money had left the company.

Tax waivers: Reform's 600lb gorilla; White Paper short on specifics
This week, Minister of Finance and Planning Dr Peter Phillips tabled the much-awaited White Paper on Tax Reform 2012 in Parliament. This process began last year when the previous JLP administration tabled a Green Paper in May 2011. This kicked off an extensive process of deliberation ultimately designed to inform Government policy which is now outlined in the White Paper.

Caribbean economic citizenship: proceed with caution
As wealthy Russian, Chinese, United States and other citizens look for new domiciles, Caribbean nations are either developing new economic citizenship programmes or are moving to increase awareness of existing schemes.

Junior JSE not enough to close SME equity gap
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) has concluded that there is insufficient equity funding for start-ups in Jamaica, despite the three-year achievements of the junior stock market.

Argentina debt showdown - NY judge: The court will be obeyed
Argentina has finally run out of wiggle room in a billion-dollar showdown over foreign debts unpaid since the country's world-record default a decade ago, and the stakes couldn't be higher for President Cristina Fernandez.


How to manage envy, jealousy and the comparison trap
Every day I fight the following conflicting thoughts: Does everyone have to consciously fight the urge to compare themselves to other people?

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