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Published: Wednesday | November 21, 2012
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Religious Right cannot steamroll others' rights
THE EDITOR, Sir: I applaud Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin for issuing a ban on preaching on JUTC buses. Previously, JUTC's message to aggrieved passengers boiled down to (my words) suck it up ...

End victimisation in SW St Ann
THE EDITOR, SirI have taken particular interest in community development and governance, regardless of the political party in office.

Stop the noise fest: enforce preaching ban
THE EDITOR, Sir:It is amazing how we continually give beautiful answers, in private and public discourse, that are utterly irrelevant to the questions that are asked or should be asked.The current noise fest about the JUTC's announced banning of...

Reckless taxi drivers a hazard
THE EDITOR, Sir:It is no secret that there are persons among us who do not respect the law, have no idea what discipline is and feel that their way is the only way, no matter who is inconvenienced.Our roads are already congested with long lines during...

JLP is for the people, not politicians
THE EDITOR, Sir:As I watched and listened in shock and dismay, I asked myself, 'If the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) cannot uphold its own constitution, how can it uphold the Constitution of Jamaica?"This is a serious matter all Jamaicans must consider, as...

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