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Published: Wednesday | November 21, 2012
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EDITORIAL - JLP must obey its constitution
Given his own history, it perhaps rankles that Everald Warmington is now pretending to have the moral high ground and insisting that the constitution of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) was breached in the election of at least three of the party's four...

Energy minister's dilemma no 'light' matter
The energy minister, Phillip Paulwell, has taken a lot of stick from members of the advocacy group, Citizens United to Reduce Electricity (CURE), for the turn of events regarding the all-island licence granted to the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS)...

Warmy and the public offender
Even political warmongers can meet Jesus on the Road to Damascus. At least that's what one might believe having heard Everald Warmington fulminate with righteous indignation about the sacrosanctity of constitutions.

Reality check: Would you invest in Jamaica?
So the Secrets project in Negril was recently raided by thieves. The news item said bandits made off with an estimated $9 million worth of material from the construction site. How individuals were able to move bulky items like plywood without being observed defies the imagination.

Should Everald Warmington become an independent MP?
No, but I think they are going to push him out because he is not partial to anyone.- Anie_queI would love to hear from the man himself before I can say anything; except the JLP is known for the top to say so and do otherwise.- EkimuriDefinitely.

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