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Published: Thursday | November 15, 2012
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Education drowning in Port Maria
THE EDITOR, Sir: ONE OF the society's major downfalls is our short-sightedness in how we develop and plan for eventualities. It appears we are always reacting to crisis after crisis instead of being proactive. Recently, the town of Port Maria was flooded again.

Time to respect gay rights
THE EDITOR, Sir: IF THE people in the video demanding the lynching of an individual on the University of Technology campus, who they alleged was involved in sexual act, represent the future of Jamaica then we are in a desolate place.

America needs God
THE EDITOR, Sir: REGARDING THE United States (US) election, the Republicans did not lose because of constituencies or demographics...

Online feedback
Below are reactions from readers of www.jamaica-gleaner.com to yesterday's cover story: 'Democracy at risk - Bad-mouth politics drives away brightest minds, says PJ'.Wrong messengerIs Mr Patterson listening to himself? He has done a lot...

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