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Published: Sunday | November 11, 2012
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I never resigned! Henry blasts JLP for selection 'breaches'
A year after Andrew Holness was installed as leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), former Chairman Mike Henry is charging that he was unconstitutionally prodded in the post in the aftermath of Bruce Golding's sudden resignation.

Ex-oilman Welby named archbishop of Canterbury
How will Justin Welby lead the world's Anglicans and heal their deep divisions? Even he is not sure yet.

Farewell Annya!
Hundreds of mourners looked on in anguish as a casket containing the body of the late Annya Duncan was wheeled down the aisle. These mourners were paying their tributes at a thanksgiving ceremony held at Webster Memorial Church in Kingston yesterday.

Hope anew - Obama's big gamble
It was a gamble of mega proportions. A heavily white country with a growing minority sector, with a history of bigotry straining against a desire for tolerance. The question was: Had the United States (US) come far enough to elect a black president? The answer was a resounding YES in 2008.

Waiting to exhale - Colorado, Washington await federal response to new ganja law
Should marijuana be treated like alcohol? Or should it remain in the same legal category as heroin and the most dangerous drugs? Votes last week by Colorado and Washington to allow adult marijuana possession have prompted what could be a turning point in the nation's conflicted and confusing war on drugs.

Sex, poor judgement end Petraeus' reign
At the close of his time command-ing United States forces in Iraq, at the height of a legendary military career, General David Petraeus was lauded by his boss, then-Defence Secretary Robert Gates, as "one of our nation's great battle captains".

Silver was right - Predicting presidents, storms and life by computer
Forget political pundits, gut instincts, and psychics. The mightier-than-ever silicon chip seems to reveal the future. In just two weeks this fall, computer models displayed an impressive prediction prowess.

Thieves plague schools
MARAUDING THIEVES are stymieing education delivery in Jamaica and are costing taxpayers millions of dollars year on year to replace essential items being stolen from public schools.

... Threaten private schools’ viability
THEFTS AT private schools operating in Jamaica are proving costly to independent operators with at least one private school forced to change location because of the frequency of the break-ins.

Bulgarians bid farewell to head of Orthodox Church
SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP): THOUSANDS OF people participated in a grand funeral service last Friday for Patriarch Maxim, who led the Bulgarian Orthodox Church for a record 41 years that witnessed the collapse of communism and an institutional schism.

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