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Published: Sunday | November 11, 2012
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Mail, money and murder - Postal service under pressure as scammers move in
Threats, trickery and a possible explanation for the abduction and murder of two postal services workers have started to emerge as The Sunday Gleaner probes the use of the postal service by scammers.

Hope Anew - Obama's legacy term
When United States President Barack Obama demits office in January 2017, historians can no longer see the journey of minorities to the White House as Langston Hughes did in his 1951 Montage of a Dream Deferred.

Security auditors called in ... large sums detected in unlikely mail
A well-placed source inside the postal service told The Sunday Gleaner that illicit funds are being intercepted on a daily basis by customs officials attached to the postal service.

Angelic faith - Little Xyhir fights for his life
Writhing in excruciating pain and unable to bear it anymore, three-year-old Xyhir Ince would run to his mother screaming in hysterical tears and begging her to pray for him.

Overgrown trees defy JPS claims - JPS says it has not stopped bushing
Despite evidence showing grown trees standing dangerously in the path of high-voltage wires all over the Corporate Area, the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) said it has not discontinued its bushing programme in the city, but some of its own workers say some of the damage seen was caused by branches grounding with high voltage wires.

Hello! Are you listening? With eyes on Obama, Tufton urges party to communicate with the public
As the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) seeks to reassert itself following its bruising double defeat at the general and local polls, one of the party's deputy leaders has urged his colleagues to take stock of United States' (US) President Barack Obama's re-election thrust.

Who will take the chair?
As the race for the chairmanship of the Jamaica Labour Party intensifies with the approach of the party's new-look annual conference, two persons who have been the subject of whispers on the political scene have presented contrasting comments on whether they will join Derrick Smith and Karl Samuda in expressing an interest in the position.

Face of US changing
It's not just the economy, stupid. It's the demographics - the changing face of America. The 2012 elections drove home trends that have been embedded in the fine print of birth and death rates, immigration statistics and census charts for years.

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