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Published: Sunday | November 11, 2012
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Why Obama trounced Romney
Most Jamaicans, including those in the intelligentsia, have missed the real significance of the Obama victory, blinded by sentiment, symbolism and our ubiquitous parochialism ("What will this mean for Jamaica?" "Mi haffi support the black man!").

Obama's re-election signals shift
Once can be accident. Twice is purpose. On November 6, the United States, with eyes wide open, deliberately re-elected a black man as its president. In my opinion, for two reasons, this is even more historic than the 2008 election.

The future of the American republic
Barack Obama has been asked by the Electoral College, as directed by voters, to continue in the White House for another four years. This is his second and final term. Term limits for the presidency were only imposed by Congress after Franklin Delano Roosevelt had won four consecutive terms and died in office in 1945.

Barack to Barack, but they don't like black
Black lightning struck twice in the same place in the same country almost exactly four years to the date. One can be forgiven for now calling him the Barack-to-Barack winner.

Victory for a vision
Basking in the resplendent glory of Obama's political victory last Tuesday, it is easy to lose sight of the reality that the United States is still a country sharply divided between two opposed visions of itself, a nation in the throes of an identity crisis.

ICT and the census
It is widely accepted that information and communications technologies (ICT) are an ever-important enabler of sustained economic growth. Within this context, the second goal of the ICT Sector Plan of Vision 2030 is that Jamaica's national development will be advanced by widespread adoption and application of ICT.

Made in China (Pt 2) - Economic transformation and potential benefits for Jamaica
The statement on the perimeter wall demarcating the zoned area for a proposed science and technology park south of Beijing was consistent with the message being transmitted by Chinese technocrats and business leaders. It read, "Transition from made in China to created in China."

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