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Published: Monday | October 12, 2009
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Paulette Bellamy: music is her life
Latoya Grindley, Gleaner Writer

She has been teaching for the last 38 years and has fully dedicated her time to her music school, Bellamy's music studio.

She was baptised into the world of music at age four by her mother who taught her how to play the piano. Following that, she started performing at age seven. Decades later, she is still performing and is responsible for a number of successful musicians and art performers.

Paulette Bellamy will be honoured with an Order of Distinction in the rank of Officer for her dedication and valuable contribution to the field of music on Monday, October 19.

She has been teaching for the last 38 years and has fully dedicated her time to her music school, Bellamy's music studio. Perhaps following in the footsteps of her mother, Bellamy has been the force behind many successful performing artistes.

"My mother was a music teacher and she was the one who first taught me how to play the piano. When I went to Wolmer's School for Girls at about 10 years old, I started violin lessons."

Fulfilling career

She began her teaching career in her final year at the University of the West Indies. Bellamy says her teaching career has been nothing short of fulfilling.

"I have taught a number of students who have excelled both here and abroad. Many of them are now performers and music teachers," she says proudly.

Still a performer, she is part of the instrumental group, Touch of Elegance. "I still give back in other ways to the industry as I am also a performer. And just the other day after performing at a concert, I was saying that I must give God thanks for still being able to have my fingers to play the instrument." With that said, she says she has no plans to retire as yet.

Major accomplishment

Being awarded with the Order of Distinction is a major accomplishment for the musician. She still recalls the moment she heard the news with such enthusiasm. "That day I was in Florida, on my way to Orlando from Fort Lauderdale when I got the call about it. It was a big, big surprise I tell you."

Come October 19, Bellamy says she will be attending with her three children and her husband. As for the attire, she is thinking along the lines of an off-white design accessorised with deep red.


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