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Last updated: 2016-05-04 00:00:12

Digicel heaps praise on Morgan
KINGSTON: For his outstanding leadership in guiding Leicester City to its first Barclays Premier League title, telecommunications firm Digicel, one of the main sponsors of the country’s senior men’s national senior football team,...

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Today's Issue Published: Wednesday, May 4, 2016
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Worker exodus - Salary review speeds up as key staff quit ministry jobs
The Andrew Holness administration has committed to continuing a review of the compensation policy in the public sector even as there are growing concerns about an increasing number of professionals in critical state entities that are leaving these...

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Broken dreams - Trip to St Ann for fun takes terrible turn
The tragic moment occurred when the minivan she was travelling in crashed in Fern Gully, less than 15 minutes from her destination."We were going to Mystic Mountain to have fun. As I speak to you I am just picturing the van making a sound and we...

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Sky's the limit for McLeod – Graham
The early-season form of Omar McLeod has one of his former high-school coaches thinking about the world record.Raymond Graham, who coached McLeod in 2013 at Kingston College (KC), says McLeod's early speed will help chase Aries Merritt's four-year-...

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Jamaica lags in beer consumption - Red Stripe brewery plans to convert rum drinkers
Desnoes & Geddes Limited, which trades as Red Stripe Jamaica, will strive to "responsibly" increase the "frequency" of drinking among adults, which the brewery says is pretty low relative to markets in the hemisphere...

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Standing Ovation For Woman Tongue
After Carol Lawes, mouth trembling, shuffled her way to the back of the stage where Barbara McCalla, Karen Harriott, Hilary Nicholson and Bertina MaCaulay were already standing behind individual vertical strips of backlit white cloth, there was...

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Editorial: The JCF needs help
Quite expectedly, the weekend murder of American missionaries in Jamaica has elicited not only an outpouring of outrage and sadness in the St Ann communities where they clearly served with compassion, dignity and respect, but is exercising the minds...

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Letter of the Day: Pressure Gov't more on police transport privileges
THE EDITOR, Sir:History has repeated itself in a morbid way and has left us with no apparent lessons to be learnt.This is exemplified in the recent fatal shooting of Woman Corporal Judith Williams....

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Something Extra - Wednesday
Last weekend, all eyes were on Jamaica, specifically the Montego Bay Convention Centre, for Jamaica Product Exchange. Plus, it's Child Month, and ScotiaFoundation has a message for you!

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Dr Alfred Dawes: Red tape choking health care - Bureaucracy negatively impacting well-being of the nation
The more you get involved with different aspects of the health care system, the more you appreciate the comedy of errors that is the Jamaican bureaucracy.Inherited from Great Britain - a nation that ruled colonies of hundreds of millions of...

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French parliament debates labour law after violent protests
PARIS (AP):After a month of often violent protests, French legislators yesterday started to debate a hotly contested labour bill that would make it easier to lay off workers, weaken some union powers, and relax rules regulating the country's 35-hour...

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