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UWI, CHEC sign MOU to rebuild hospital, improve facilities
Last week, the University of the West Indies (UWI) and China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) signed a memorandum of understanding, which will see the start of negotiations for projects valued at between J$60 and J$70 billion.This is the largest...

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Today's Issue Published: Wednesday, September 2, 2015
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Buy them out! Chuck wants poorer Jamaicans removed from lands with rich potential
The Simpson Miller Government is being urged to consider leading a process of renewal in Jamaica's inner cities by purchasing, on a large scale, property owned by poor people and selling them to developers to build housing solutions for middle-class...

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Caribbean Maritime Institute Facing Space Constraints As Enrolment Increases
Enrolment figures at the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) have been on an upward trajectory since increased awareness about the expected expansion in Jamaica's logistics industry.Eight years ago when Dr Fritz Pinnock took over the leadership of...

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Friday's WCup clash crucial, says Schäfer
REGGAE BOYZ head coach, Winfried  Schäfer, insists that Friday's World Cup Qualifying football match against Nicaragua will be the most significant for his team.In a year when Jamaica shot their way into the history books on several fronts,  Schäfer

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Japan ready to reclaim Blue Mountain coffee market
Rising levels of coffee consumption in Japan mark the end of a post-recession slump in which that nation cut imports of the bean, a move felt sharply by the coffee industry in Jamaica which until then exported more than 80 per cent of produce to the...

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Int'l choreographer urges dancers to become more marketable
Internationally renowned three-time MTV VMA-nominated dancer-choreographer, Tanisha Scott, was recently in the island, where she was a guest judge on this year's Digicel Rising Stars competition.Scott, who has been dancing professionally for more...

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Editorial: A water policy after all
We are gratified that Robert Pickersgill has, at least temporarily, been wrestled out of his torpidity and that Jamaica may, as a result, get an updated water policy. As vexing as we may have been to the water, land, environment and climate change...

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Letter of the Day: No chance for black beauty in Miss Universe contest?
THE EDITOR, Sir:The recent Miss Universe Jamaica crowning was so predictable. MP Dr Dayton Campbell was absolutely on point with his statements about these pageants. We seem to celebrate and...

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Something Extra - Wednesday
Today, we give a double dose of goodness: the Jamaica Cancer Society, in association with Jamaica National Building Society, gathered a few friends for a fab afternoon of Chocolate, Champagne, Tea Party and Art Affair last Thursday. And we have a...

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Ask the doc: My pastor is all about young people
Q My eight-year-old does little work at school and will complete his schoolwork at home with me beside him. How do I change this behaviour?A Have you asked your son why he does little academic work at school? Depending on the response you get, you...

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Fixing Health: Has healthcare in Jamaica improved over the last 10 years?
Jamaica's Public-Health System Has Undergone Changes As It Has Sought To Service And Provide Health Care For More Than 2.6 Million People. There Are 1.3 Million Males And More Than 1.3 Million Females...

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Bones found during road project may be Spanish flu victims
It was a morbid discovery along a Schuylkill County highway - a scattering of human bones, including a leg, ribs, skull fragments, and a piece of jawbone.The bones had been resting below a grass-covered stretch for a century or so as the country...

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