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Last updated: 2019-01-16 11:36:20

Fort Augusta transfers high-risk inmates to Horizon after viral Facebook video
Six high-rik inmates of the Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre have been relocated to the maximum security Horizon Adult Remand Centre.

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Today's Issue Published: Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Petrojam takeover close - Gov't ready with legislation to reclaim Venezuela shares in state-owned oil refinery

Amid calls by the parliamentary Opposition for the Government to reconsider its decision, the special legislation being crafted to sanction the decision by the Andrew Holness administration to retake Venezuela's stake in Jamaica's state-owned oil...

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RJRGLEANER Honour Awards - L'Acadco: Training the dancing body from thought to finish

ON THE AWARD: "I want to thank the RJRGLEANER Group for this recognition as it is for me a special honour. I have had a relationship with The Gleaner. You cannot run a dance company and not...

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Awards will boost Reggae Girlz - Menzies

After being named the top female football coach in the region and seeing his girls being recognised for the most outstanding performance of the year, Hugh Menzies, head coach of Jamaica's senior women's football team, the Reggae Girlz, is expecting...

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Venezuela's shares in Petrojam being offered for US$100m

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Rebel Salute's Herb Curb free for all

If you're without a ticket to this weekend's Rebel Salute, don't worry; you won't miss out on one of the highlights of this year's festival - The Herb Curb Conference. This year's instalment of the Herb Curb...

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Editorial | Johnson Smith can make foreign affairs sexy
Foreign policy has traditionally been viewed as stuffy, complicated and indigestible, the kind of topic that occupies academics and diplomats at high tea in a snooze fest. In fact, it's often been the retirement home of a greying class of political...

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Letter of the Day | Police chief's SOE logic appalling
THE EDITOR, Sir:Police Commissioner Antony Anderson's defence (Gleaner, 9/1/19) of the mass detentions in St James last year was a disappointment to many. They overlooked the fact that that kind of policing had to have had his approval all along (as...

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Something Extra | Wednesday

We bring you another dose of Phillip Paulwell's 56th birthday party at Fort Charles, Port Royal, last weekend. With music by DJ Squeeze and DJ Audley, well-wishers, friends and family had a grand time as they celebrated his special night among the...

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Dr Alfred Dawes | Effective weight loss without surgery

Obesity is a disease just like diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. Once your weight for your height (body mass index - BMI) is high enough, your chances of losing and keeping off the weight are five to 10 per cent. At this point, the best...

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New migrant caravan sets out for the US

SAN PEDRO SULA (AP):Hundreds of Hondurans trekked out of a violent northern city yesterday, part of a new caravan of migrants hoping to reach the United States or Mexico, following in the path of another group last year that US President Donald...

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