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Last updated: 2016-12-07 08:53:32

Spanish embassy official thinks Kingston is ready for cruise ship stops
Chargé d’affaires at the Spanish Embassy in Kingston, Carmen Rives Ruiz-Tapiador, is convinced Kingston already has a lot to offer to make it a regular cruise ship stop. Her comments were made after a Spanish liner with nearly 3,000 tourists aboard d

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Today's Issue Published: Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Cops apologise - JCF expresses regret to family for confusion over which division should investigate teen's death

A senior member of the police force has apologised on behalf of his colleagues to the Clarendon family that was thrown into grief on Sunday night after waiting more than eight hours for the police from two different stations to decide on which...

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Briefing | Region poised for growth

The Caribbean and Latin America region is attracting more attention from global investors due to an unpredictable and changing global political environment and increased volatility in asset prices/markets since the start of 2016. Global investors...

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Trainer Nunes banking on Bigdaddykool

Having won the Derby, Superstakes, Lotto Classic and St, Leger, trainer Anthony 'Baba' Nunes is enjoying a fantastic season. But as things now stand, he is hoping to put the icing on the cake on Saturday, by winning the $13.9 million Diamond Mile...

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Caribbean Cement to migrate to Mexican ownership - Cemex to delist Jamaican operation from stock market after TCL takeover

Cemex's takeover of Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL), if successful, will also give it majority control of Caribbean Cement Company Limited, and the Mexican powerhouse has said it will take the Jamaican operation private by delisting it from the stock...

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Artistes beg for ‘peace' in MoBay

The call for 'peace' and a return to civility echoed repeatedly from the stage at the Dump Up Beach, in Montego Bay, on Sunday night as some of the nation's best known reggae, dancehall and gospel acts made an urgent plea for those responsible to...

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Editorial | Making an ass of the law
The operators of Jamaica's hackney carriage franchises are, it appears, a species unto themselves. They adhere to the most perverse of logic.By their own account, they often knowingly facilitate the breaking of the law and placing their customers at...

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Letter of the Day | Don't be jealous of JC's success
THE EDITOR, Sir:Dr Lascelve Graham's onslaught in last Sunday's Gleaner on the more-than-two-centuries-old institution Jamaica College, is not only disappointing, but smacks of disingenuousness and downright bad-...

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Something Extra | Wednesday

On Saturday, reggae beats reverberated around the capital city from the 40th anniversary of the Smile Jamaica Concert, held at the Bob Marley Museum on Hope Road. We take you through hump day with the scenes from the musical event. Meanwhile out...

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Dr Alfred Dawes | The slow march of medicine

We are often bombarded with news about the advances in the field of medicine at an alarming rate. New drugs, new technologies and new treatment methods are replacing older ones almost daily. However, when you examine these...

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Thousands mourn beloved leader in south India

CHENNAI, India (AP):Hundreds of thousands of people thronged the southern Indian city of Chennai yesterday to honour their late beloved leader, Jayaram Jayalalithaa, a former film actress and popular politician.Jayalalithaa, chief minister of Tamil...

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