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Last updated: 2014-07-23 18:09:58

PHOTOS: Colourful Opening Ceremony for Commonwealth Games
Jamaican schoolgirl, Jenica Stewart, was the among the faces of the UNICEF appeal and was the first to carry the Commonwealth Games baton on to the stage.

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Today's Issue Published: Wednesday | July 23, 2014
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Eyes on tax cheats: Credit bureaus closing in on delinquents' information
TAX debtors who fail to honour their obligations to the State could find their credit ratings being significantly affected with the passage of a bill in the House of Representatives that would give the commissioner...

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Films to commemorate Chinese arrival in Jamaica this weekend
This weekend will see an exciting, cultural celebration marking the 160th anniversary of the arrival of the Chinese in Jamaica.The Chinese Benevolent Association, the Institute of Jamaica and Carib News will collaborate to present three films and other...

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New payout products to boost pensions market
The Financial Services Commission (FSC) is proposing, under pension-law amendments, a new class of pension payout products which the Jamaica Pension Funds Association (JPFA) is hailing as a means of widening the pensions...

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Sunshine Girls determined to get over hump
GLASGOW, Scotland:Twenty-three points separated Jamaica from a bronze medal in the netball competition at the last Commonwealth Games in Delhi four years ago; England's crushing 70-47 defeat sending the...

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It's hardly a surprise that the spate of resignations from Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), including its new executive director, Kay Osborne, has been interpreted by some as a crumbling of the human-rights organisation.

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LETTER OF THE DAY - Really, Dr Ferguson? Jamaica a health hub?
THE EDITOR, Sir:I recently heard Dr Fenton Ferguson whining about mounting criticism of his performance as health minister.

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India's expanding film industry focuses on Jamaica
India's new government has signalled that it's eyeing film-loving Jamaicans as that country's growing film industry moves to infiltrate new markets in the region.According to Shri Prakash Javadekar, the state...

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Ten facts about malignant melanoma of the skin
Malignant melanoma of the skin is a serious type of skin cancer which may be life threatening.

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Something extra
It's hump day, but have no fear, we have exactly what the doctor recommended with all the highlights from Opulence and Reggae Sumfest.

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Crash victims' remains reach Gov't-held city
KHARKIV (AP):The remains of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines crash arrived in territory held by the Ukrainian government yesterday, on their way to the Netherlands, after delays and haphazard treatment of the bodies that put pressure on European...

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